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wake up time

Great theories, philosophies, great edit columns, great judgements and news bulletin analysis, great intellectual gyaan in everydays papers, greatest spiritual columns and books being published and people indulging in spiritual and intellectual shopping like never before.. Still, and still we have tragedies like 89 deaths in a top-notch hospital, irony is thy name India.... India needs to wake up, just knowledge and spiritual GYAAN wont help, get the gyaan into our daily lives, into policies, into Action....

(all we do is gyaan, bhashan and more preaching, wat is the use of brilliant edits written by brilliant editors sitting in newspaper offices?? rules are still flouted left, right and centre, who cares that a hospital didnt have any fire drills ever, they had every exit blocked... todays edit says, we need soul searching, ofcourse we do, more than the common man its the government, the policy makers, the people who run these hospital BUSINESS who need to really put all the gyaan i…

I try

I try to look for fun in mundane things, I try to be happy doing the most ordinary things, I try to make the most out of the simple offerings of life, I try not to stress out because my path is getting tougher and rougher, I try to remain calm and tell myself that it is possible, I try to look at the brighter side of problems, I try to keep it simple and smile more, But while i keep at the ‘trying’, i try not to use the word "Try" at all.. So, I look for fun in mundane things, I am  happy doing the most ordinary things, I make the most out of the simple offerings of life, I do not stress out because my path is getting tougher and rougher, I remain calm and tell myself that it is possible, I look at the brighter side of problems, I  keep it simple and smile more..  I stopped  the "trying" and started the "Doing"


we are becoming more and more progressive, but are we loosing the human touch, we are becoming very techno savy people, but are we becoming less of savy with our own tribe, we are becoming very hip and hep in talking the english language, but are we forgetting the language of the heart, we are becoming very full fledged humans who are well rounded and know lot of things, but are we knowing less about ourselves, we are buying left, right and centre, but are we trading our peace in the exchange, we are eating out like never before, but are we neglecting conveniently the good old home cooked meals and the nutrition that they provided, we are sending our kids to the best of the cosmopolitan and competetive schools, but are we spending enough time with them to teach them things they will never learn in a school, we are all fancy modern spiritualists today, we are reading a lot of philospophy, but are we applying any of it to our lives, we know a lot about american sitcoms, we are travelling like n…

Go Maid less

Can Indians ever go ‘Maid-less’

This is a million dollar question but I think I definitely have the answer for it. The answer is NO. We, can never go maid-less. Now you must be wondering, shirt-less to suna tha! What is this, maid-less. Well, the modern day urban necessity, your ‘Kaamwali bai’ ‘Kelasadaulu’, your highness. “Who’s the hottest girl in the world, my maid, my bai, my maid, my bai, katka lagake, she’ll clean your floor, my maid, my maid, my darling maid..” Well, in our cities where maids have become the life-line of our homes, its difficult to imagine a life without one. She is mandatory today, she is indispensible than ever, she is the ultimate help at home. Without one, we often feel lost and exhausted, by the end of the day. Each time a maid leaves me, I pass this resolution, “oh, I am never going to keep another” its like a broken heart swearing not to get into a relationship again. That is the exact feeling, I feel I have just broken up with someone and it takes me long b…

The new skeptic India!!

I wanted to share the news of my best friend getting married in the near future, with a neighbor of mine (who is now a confirmed new friend). So, here i go all excited, "oh! you know what, my best friend is getting engaged next week, instead of the usual excitement, that you expect, what do i hear, 'its hasnt yet happened right? So, tell everyone, when it happens!!" I am like, a water balloon was just phishedd on me, you know the feeling of being shut up right.

I understand the emotion, not arguing about why she did this, but just wondering as i was going through another argument on FB. There were arguments about not sharing a good news with friends immediately but sharing it after a month or two. The explanation being, the elders advised to report only after two months. Got it!!

The famous 'Nazar lag jayegi' Indian phenomenon. Or is it just Indian, i have heard this a lot of times, Dont tell until it happens, otherwise it wont happen. Well, were we always like t…