Thursday, June 22, 2006

K Syndrome

From the past five or more years the K syndrome has dominated the idiot box and has prompted many more such production houses to follow suit and make similar, repeated and boring family dramas with never ending episodes.

Mihir jaroor wapas ayega, so many re-births, the grand old lady of the serial, Ba is 200 years old if we go by the generations and actors that have added to the serial, the Virani women have the most gaudy of wardrobes and make up sets. Its Anurag once and another time its Mr Bajaj, the daughter in law wins sometimes and the motherinlaw the others. Its not only these two charechters fighting over silly matters the whole family is fighting with each other and then there is one ridiculously dressed con woman who is the wamp of the whole serial, sh eplots and plots and plots schemes which win sometimes and loose the other times. There are love stories which have good startings but end up being another run of the mill serial. There are stories of young women with dreams in their eyes and saying, 'yeh meri life hai' but again become the same scheming ladies when they end up getting married to their boyfriends.

These are our serials, and whats the message they give, that life is nothing but a game where one has to win. People keep playing games and revenge and gameplay and fouls are all they show. they are slow moving, boring, and full of useless masala and are repeated. Though our janta is glued to it as our producers dont give us any better options.

I want to know y cant we have more serials like Dekh bhai dekh and Ye jo hai zindagi. Why cant we have serials made on real life? Why cant we have something like Everybody loves Raymond which has so many family issues hidden behind the humour in it. Why cant we have a scrubs with real life humour in it. we have to have a painted tulsi and a over rated Ba, crying day after day.. these serials dont get over and our people arent taught anything more than quarelling over petty issues. If you are living together you will have fights and nothing else. this is what our serials today are full of. They are petty, silly, repeatetive and morally so low. Sure they are women oriented but show women only as scheming and quarelling people who put on makeup and dress up and only think of the next PLAN OR GAME to play..


Mihir said...

Hey Malini, I just read the line 'Mihir jaroor wapas ayega', and i was scratching my head... ;-) lol. Jokes apart, Money is key. The reason why K makes such serials if you ask her, she will say that she does it because public likes it. Truth is all the producers are commercial minded. All they care about is making more and more money. I understand your point that we can have some meaningful serials yet have good amount of people watch it and get good funding. Conventional problem is ‘formula mentality’ if one thing works, keep doing it over and over until is dies out. I believe once, people with genuine interest in society will start funding some projects, we will surely see some good silver screen creations as well. As you mentioned there has been some good serials (Indian one). Like, Office Office, Reporter, Tu tu main main, Rishte, Sanjeevni (atleast in the beginning)etc. They die down as they stop getting sponsors or their story end unlike some typical K… when original script was made they had no idea about current things…. It just got to response so they keep adding things.
So the question is what can be done about it. Well, make a good one yourself or find someone who would be ready to do it. Or batter one, get some philanthropist or such orgs who feels responsible for society and ask them to start a contest, whoever comes up with best script gets something…. And then they can make the project and also earn some profits… just a thought.

malini said...

yeah very true.. but the trend is changing.. 3 years back when i wrote this blog, it was like tat, today also there are k serials but we also have balika vadhu, lado and others highlighting evils like female foeticide to child marriage,, so good days are back again.. thanks for ur post..

Common Sensei said...

I think its best to leave the ignorant masses who watch these serials alone, not be bothered by the existence of these serials, and carry on with our better informed and more tasteful lives.

I am hopeful, like in the case of movies, people will grow out of these and better television programming will begin arriving.

One thing is for sure, enough and more has been written against these braindead and heartless serials, but Ekta Kapoor is not listening, she would rather laugh all the way to the bank, as long as she can.

malini said...

i am sorry for having responded so late, i never followed up with comments as i wasnt an active blogger. hey common sensie, yes Ekta will laugh her way to the bank and so will all her serial actors like Smriti Irani who herself has become a producer with serials like VIrasat etc. But i am happy that Smriti choose different subjects and turned out to be an intelligent producer and gave audiences some good content atimes.

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