Saturday, December 24, 2016

Different masks

Why is being someone so important?

Itseems there is a mask for each and every profession. It is called names. And seems to be we as a society, love it.

I have heard phrases like, "I sing, therefore I am", "I run, therefore I am."
For me, its, "I breath, therefore i am."

I am a writer, i am a singer, i am an architect, I am a dancer, I am a banker, I am a content developer, I am a scientist. Seems like even an act like running seems to be getting a name, "I am a runner".
Our very identities are locked up in who we became in this world, rather than who we really are, before we became all of those things. Once we manage to latch on to one of the many identities, the many words that the dictionary has about who we are, we seem to forget who we actually are.

If law is what i have studied, am I a lawyer, beyond this there is no identity? I find this the most with doctors, its almost like sainthood. And most doctors i have met, are so attached to their tittle, they even carry it into their marriages and other relationships they make. They love the tittle so much, that they forget their names, i have a neighbor who has named her wifi as, "Dr Radha internet". It shows up because.. everyone knows how we know, so i will save the explanation.

I was just reading about people who have created homes for stray dogs, all over the world there are such individuals who work towards causes like these. Wonder what they call them, oh, they did give him a name, "Dogfather". So now he is no more ... Shukla. He is dogfather. (So much respect for such work, by the way)

So what do you do? Next time try saying, I live?

I still struggle with the question, So what do you do?


Deep Blue said...

brillaint article. short but deeply insightful`

malini said...

Thank you so much Deep Blue.

malini said...
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