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Yeh Dil Kyun Dhadakne Do!

Too many critical views on Zoya Akhtar’s latest Bollywood venture Dil Dhadakne Do. I found most of these views outright dismissive, which obviously proved wrong, in due course. Reviews with comments like, characters won't stay with you, the movie is too long, there is nothing to take away from this movie were floating in the papers and online. But going with Zoya's reputation, I would not miss the movie for a few reviews, by some overtly critical people. 

The reviews can take a walk as the movie has touched a chord with many a urban viewers and has even raked many intricate issues which usually are brushed under the carpet in Indian families. The movie also does leave you with a lot of thought. Of Course if you were looking for enlightenment then you would rather take a yoga retreat in Rishikesh than look for it in a commercial Hindi movie. 
I for one really liked the movie, and my “Aha” moments of the movie were many, and I would definitely like to point out a few of those scen…