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Go Maid less

Can Indians ever go ‘Maid-less’

This is a million dollar question but I think I definitely have the answer for it. The answer is NO. We, can never go maid-less. Now you must be wondering, shirt-less to suna tha! What is this, maid-less. Well, the modern day urban necessity, your ‘Kaamwali bai’ ‘Kelasadaulu’, your highness. “Who’s the hottest girl in the world, my maid, my bai, my maid, my bai, katka lagake, she’ll clean your floor, my maid, my maid, my darling maid..” Well, in our cities where maids have become the life-line of our homes, its difficult to imagine a life without one. She is mandatory today, she is indispensible than ever, she is the ultimate help at home. Without one, we often feel lost and exhausted, by the end of the day. Each time a maid leaves me, I pass this resolution, “oh, I am never going to keep another” its like a broken heart swearing not to get into a relationship again. That is the exact feeling, I feel I have just broken up with someone and it takes me long b…