Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another idol

I am not sure if building homes for Gods is only a typically Indian fascination or it is throughout the world. Since every God and Godman is on facebook, I have subscribed to a few and get their updates everyday. Its interesting to note the number of temples coming up everywhere on a daily basis. I dont know how many schools or ashrams come up, but God-homes, yes, every day we mortals would have constructed one grand house for our favourite God. Today its Atlanta, yesterday, it was Toranto, before that Newzealand, and even before that... never mind, i have lost count.

If God is omnipresent and everywhere, do we need these many temples especially when, people are dying in droughts, children dont have enough to eat, there is not enough shelter for humans, there is poverty everywhere,  many people are living below poverty line and many dont even get to live a dignified life, with basic human rights. Though these are very obvious facts and look like table top discussions and we talk about it everyday, they are important questions.

Do we need these many temples? Cant that money be invested in serving humanity instead? 

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