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Create your own ME time, Sex and the City style..

Cirlce of trust-create one of your own:

Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends, Miranda Hobbs, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones in the famous citcom, Sex and the City may send us all girls really envious and sigh, i wish i had such friends, i wish i had the thing that these girls share. This is certainly for people who watch one of these citcomes like Friends and Sex and the City and the likes. These serials are based on friendships, relationships, social problems, sex, taboos, myths jargans and many other things. What it also focusses a lot on is relationships, actually the centric point about them is the kind of relationship that friends share.

Unlike, our serials which are very much about the relationships more closer to home, they focus on an individuals level, like her career, her friends, her relationships with maybe bosses, lovers, neighbours etc.

I personally would love to have a caring Carrie, a daring and adventurous Samantha or the sensitive Charlotte or the cool Miranda …