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The new skeptic India!!

I wanted to share the news of my best friend getting married in the near future, with a neighbor of mine (who is now a confirmed new friend). So, here i go all excited, "oh! you know what, my best friend is getting engaged next week, instead of the usual excitement, that you expect, what do i hear, 'its hasnt yet happened right? So, tell everyone, when it happens!!" I am like, a water balloon was just phishedd on me, you know the feeling of being shut up right.

I understand the emotion, not arguing about why she did this, but just wondering as i was going through another argument on FB. There were arguments about not sharing a good news with friends immediately but sharing it after a month or two. The explanation being, the elders advised to report only after two months. Got it!!

The famous 'Nazar lag jayegi' Indian phenomenon. Or is it just Indian, i have heard this a lot of times, Dont tell until it happens, otherwise it wont happen. Well, were we always like t…