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The new skeptic India!!

I wanted to share the news of my best friend getting married in the near future, with a neighbor of mine (who is now a confirmed new friend). So, here i go all excited, "oh! you know what, my best friend is getting engaged next week, instead of the usual excitement, that you expect, what do i hear, 'its hasnt yet happened right? So, tell everyone, when it happens!!" I am like, a water balloon was just phishedd on me, you know the feeling of being shut up right.

I understand the emotion, not arguing about why she did this, but just wondering as i was going through another argument on FB. There were arguments about not sharing a good news with friends immediately but sharing it after a month or two. The explanation being, the elders advised to report only after two months. Got it!!

The famous 'Nazar lag jayegi' Indian phenomenon. Or is it just Indian, i have heard this a lot of times, Dont tell until it happens, otherwise it wont happen. Well, were we always like this? were we always skeptic about sharing good things that happen in our lives with others, did we always fear that something would go wrong for sure?

Well, i have a certain thought on this, i think, with so much of talk about ask from the universe and the universe will conspire to get you that thing, i thing it is important for all of us, to express or share the good things, cause if they say that you attract what you think then certainly, we should share.

But where does one draw the line and with whom? Is it ok to be this skeptic in this day and age? Must we always live in the fear of "oh i should not tell, maybe it may not happen at all". Or should i go ahead and tell the world about the love i found, or that my sister is getting married, or that i have won a lottery, or that i am looking at buying a car, or that i have a new business venture plan. Should we share? should we be skeptic? Should we be selective and hide? I think i would leave it on "to each, his own".


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