Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Papa-My daddy-Strongesht.. na na-i mean it!!

You know what makes my dad the best, yeah yeah, go on, make fun of me; say things like, heres another school girl, trying to participate in one of those Muqabalas "my daddy's strongesht". Its ok! Laugh at me, but i have to say this. 

He really is the best, not because he is my dad or something. He is the best for all people who know him, to his nephews, nieces, friends, business associates, acquaintances, his customers at the restaurant, his staff, people who have known him forever, people who just meet him or just anybody. There is something about his personality which really is so attractive, so pleasing, so alluring and so magnanimous. I for one, never got hit by papa, thank god for that, otherwise the Karate Champ would have really punched me hard, Just in case... Actually my brother too didn't get any memorable beating by him, nothing that we remember. 

Other than the several several good and extra ordinary qualities that he has, the most striking and i think which not many of us have is that papa, always sees other people as huge possibilities of potential. And that is flattering, in a world where we all try hard to prove ourselves and often fail to make a mark, here is a man, who will make you feel like a winner no matter what.

And that is some quality, my friends, its a kind of innocence which the modern man is not born with. We have learnt only to compete with our fellow humans, we haven't learnt to appreciate or cherish each other. I have not even seen the so called Gurus appreciate someone without a reason. 

But, my father, sees even rouges as huge possibilities. A friend of his has a wannabe actor son who couldnt even make it as a decent extra in the movies. Today his luck has shined at last upon him and he has got a Villains friend's role, in a regional movie under a big banner. Gosh, do such miracles happen these days or what. Yes they do happen and it happened. However, None of us were impressed, but not papa, Papa actually praised him so much on his muhurat shot that this guy was overwhelmed and couldnt thank Papa more for being this generous. But it was not that papa was being Generous, he was just being HIMSELF. 

Thats who HE is. He just sees everybody as a full grown possiblity of their own potentials. He always keeps telling me, why dont you write a book, i am like, papa, its ok to trust your kids, but dont be over ambitious. He was like, its true, be confident, you are a good writer, you can do it! And i will say, Yes under my breath and inside tell myself, Papa, its a different thing to publish a few articles in newspapers and blogs on the internet and its a total different thing to get paid for and make people buy the books you write. But his faith in me as a writer is unflinching. Now that is what a great Man is made of. He is a believer. 

A total outcast is what i call one more of my far off relatives son. He is most uninvited, he doesnt socialise, he talks very less, but when he does, its always WRONG.. man... he is hurting.. but thats not my point. My point is, This total outcast of a guy, who practically doesnt talk to his own brother on a daily basis, calls my papa everyday and is really pally with him. He considers my Papa his best friend. Now, again, i am not bragging, but this is the truth, he is being himself, which is looking at every human, even a social outcast as a potential as a possibility of immense talent. NOw this is not a show, he really sees potential and expresses that, so this outcast gets it and prides himself on the fact, that his old pal loves him and actually makes him feel wanted. Yes WANTED, my dad makes this and many other such people really wanted and full of potential. 

Now am i sounding like some little girly, who has lost it, on one of her barbie parties and is going on singing, "my daddy strongesht" >? right? yes, i am, but who cares its the truth..

To my dad, every person walking down the earth, is worth something, and whatever i learnt in life is a little bit of my dad. He may not realise this but it is really, he made us see that we are worth it, that we are this powerhouse of talent, waiting for discovery. And he always says, "Khudi ko kar buland itna, ki har raza se pehele, khud khuda tumse puche, bata, teri raza kya hai".. He always says this, raise your bar so high, that, God asks you, What is your wish, and i shall grant you that. 

He really made us believe that we are the makers of our own life, that it is destiny but somehow he also unknowingly gave us the intellect that we have the powers to make our own life work by being GOOD Humans..... 

(mummy, dont be mad, next write up is you.. and you and pa are not separate for me, tussi dono great ho)

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