Thursday, September 23, 2010

Acknowledging a problem is the beginning

Make a beginning - Admit it!!

If there is a problem, accept it, don't live in denial. acknowledging a problem, an issue is the biggest challenge we face as humans. Because we all like to live in denial, in a dream land, that every things fine, all is well. I kinda started getting irritated with the slightest remark of "eh chill, allz well yaar". or "oh common, we are always looking at the negative side, we are a young nation, dont always look up, look beneath you" 

Oh common!! We are getting it all wrong, topsy turvy, we are in such a deep muddle that we arent realizing that the CWG is going to crumble, i mean i never said it wont take off, but what if players/athletes dont turn up, people from the international community boycott us. Would that make us rise and take notice, say yes, there was a problem. 

Shri Shri Ravishankar said this long back, "If there is a situation in life, we first need to acknowledge it, that is the beginning." 

Living in denial is the stupidest thing we could do, it doesn't make us bad or something, but it makes us stupid. What are we gaining out of it.. when we keep saying, oh no, these things keep happening, oh this is nothing, you see what a show we shall put up. When, the reality is there for all to see. So, who is it that is looking stupid here, its the person or people or group who is DENYING or Defying a problem.

Lets begin, lets acknowledge, that yes, i have a problem, We are in a SITUATION, a bad one!! That makes us look for a solution immediately. 

So if you guys screwed up, which you obviously did, Mr CWG's Babu's ... start immediately by saying, yes, we admit it, we now want to do somthing about it, you see there will be help from all corners, MNC's international sports authorities , individuals, everyones going to join you. Unless you do so, Babu's,, there is NO HOPE AT ALL...


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yes indeed
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malini said...

thanks vivek.

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