Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bizzare stuff - WHAT AN IDEA SIRJEE

There is an Abhishek Bachan ad doing the rounds these days and the tag line goes like, Walk while you talk..
At first it goes like a doctor prescribing this remedy on TV and the entire population following his word, which leaves him jobless in the end. What an idea sirjee.. when the world over people are telling others to be safe and take care while on the road, we are giving our already bizarre people some more bizarre ideas. How many times have u had to screech your car or bike, to save from crashing into someone chatting away into their mobile phones? how many times have you yelled at someone behind the wheel just because he was talking while driving. So all these tag lines or creative lines can be really adding to all the prevailing chaos.

While i surely to love AbhishekBacchaan, i dun want to see him adding to nonsense in our lives. Walk while you talk,, phew,, i am sure they could think of something else. Its the silliest actually, more than silly, its misleading for our aam janta because most often we follow blindly without thinking about consequences.. oh its kewl, lemme also walk while i talk and here i go, i cross the road with a mobile in my hand and then, who knows, anything can happen to you. Keeping that in mind, this mindless campaign surely must stop.

Recently, somebodys status message read, love the walk while you talk campaign, i was like, dude, whats there to love about it, yes you shouldn't block the roads and stand chatting, but certainly dont publicize such stupid ideas. Courtesy is in taking your phone away and keep talking not at your life's risk is all i am saying.


Anonymous said...

I agree! When people make films or adfilms they need to realise that they are influencing the entire nation viewing them, They need to be accountable and need to have a moral responsibilty for what ever they do!

malini said...

Yeah, instead what we in India do is we make even more bizzare ideas and publisize it.. and this is not the first stupid ad ok. lets list some really stupid irritating ads,, how bout that. Other than wat an idea sirjee, i am annoyed at harpic and other toilet cleaner ads, cummon, ur eating dinner and suddenly wat do u see... aaaggg... thats it i dun eat affter that... is tat scene required, cant they advertise otherwise

Gopal said...

I agree. The TV is full of stupid commercials..But, why watch TV at all!!!

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