Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Hall Experience

Oh, I rather see the movie on my home-theatre!! But what about the big screen, ya… my big screen is big enough. What about sound effects? What about them, sound is also good enough; we really are ok with watching Dev D on the DVD. Okkk is what I said and let it go there, but I kept thinking of this culture difference between my newfound best friend and me. So does that mean, people wont go to the theatres to enjoy the grandeur of cinema anymore!!!

Sigh, what a pity, I said to myself and sulked a little more about it to my husband too. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, so she wants to enjoy her homes privacy and the comfort and lie back on a couch instead of the plush lazy boy chair of a PVR. Its her choice. Of course its her choice I said, and I respect her for that, but what about ‘cinema’. What about it?

Here I was thinking all day long, thinking about why some people deny themselves of the pleasure of going to a movie hall. Why they prefer the DVD’S and confine themselves to their homes to watch a movie. What is the point? For me its always been the whole experience of watching the big screen with larger than life pictures on them, seeing each one of the colours come live on the screen.

It’s almost a sin not to see the actor’s most feeble expressions and dance with them in joy or to cry feeling every tear you see. Every emotion comes to life, as if it were your life instead of the character’s life on screen. I want to hear the dialogues as if I am saying them and let them ring in my head for an entire week even after I have seen the movie. I want the songs to be so loud that I drown in the music; I want the whole dhik chak mujic to resonate as loud as possible and the dolbys to thunder in the deepest corner of my ear.

I can almost see how by now you know I am a movie hall freak. But you too must admit that seeing a movie in the theatre is nothing close to watching it at home on a DVD.

Common, remember the whole hall and each person gritting his/her teeth when Amir Khan and his friends were being gunned down at the radio station in Rang de Basanti, remember how each person was falling off his chair laughing seeing Happy at work in Singh is King. The whole hall standing when the national anthem is played, the feeling is that of collective pride and an awesome feeling of oneness.

The break often brings in the smell of hot popcorn and the latest additions like nachos or a baskin and robin ice cream, or someone hogging on an entire chat plate. Its celebration, it’s a party, it’s a grand outing. Its also a time to check who is watching the movie with you, like you look around and walk past other fellow viewers with your popcorn in hand. It could be an interesting little break to find some old friends at the same hall too.

A nod to your neighbour, the collective roar of laughter, passing a tissue when someone cries inconsolably for Marley the pooch from ‘Marley and Me’, are all experiences the home theatre walas miss. Those are the moments; the joy of a crowd is connecting through that one movie. So go out and watch the latest flick, if you haven’t done so in a long time, give your home theatre a teeny-weeny break for just a while.

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