Friday, December 23, 2016

Early morning and Yoga.

My entire life i have struggled to get up early, thats what i told myself. But something shifts every winter, in the months of November and December, and I end up getting up really early. I hope to continue this waking up early for the rest of my years, but i am waiting for the winter to pass by to really see if I continue and can wake up from the harshness of the fan or the AC chill in summers.

My wake up time went from being 6.30 with great difficulty, i had to push, to 4.30 in a day. How, one would ask. It was my yoga graduation day, and we had a ceremony which was huge and grand and very peaceful. So from that day, I began my journey of waking up early. The day I had my graduation, I woke up, just like that, headed towards my mat, and started stretches and did a little yoga. During the day, I got my certification from Pradeep our teacher and guide, I touched his feet took blessings from the other guests and came back with a big smile on my face. I had a degree in my hand, i was a yoga teacher, certified. Did it sink in, no, actually no, but what it did is i woke up everyday after that day. I woke up at the same time, and its been a month now, actually more than a month, i am into my second month of 4.30. It keeps getting earlier, sometimes i get up at 3.30.

How do I feel, I feel great about waking up that early, but a voice in me says, deepen yourself there, anchor deepen, like own your practice. So my attempt my prayaas, my goal, is to go deeper, where I am aware of my body, my mind, my movements, where i don't have a zillion thoughts while practicing, where my meditation is so deep that i use this precious time in my favour, and not just make it another ritual. Have I made it another ritual? Is it just about waking up at the same time? what ever it is, now that I have started my voice tells me, 'Just walk the path'. Just continue, your teacher has given you a lamp, light that everyday, feel the heat of that  light and go for it.

May the strenght of this great practice be healing. May i heal myself of anxiety and anger.

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