Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its just a job, and i still dun have one!?!

As i asked one of my friend to check if there was a vacancy in his company for a particular post and job, i dint know that i was crossing the thin line of asking for sifarish and just a friendly check or so. Like just asking someone to check, hey do you think there is this vacancy in your company types. Little did i know the guy actually wasnt prepared for me asking for a casual reference like this.
A week later i actually got a call from this company and I was called for a test in which i fared well, but then the interview sucked and i after all dint get the job. So here i was calling my friend and talking to him as if he cared, totally unaware of his triggering annoyance. Talking to him and letting him know of the progress seemed like a must do to me as it was because of his contact that i even got a call so soon.
Weeks later i get a call from my good friend again and this time, guess what, he actually had another job recommendation for me, says look, there is this opening, would you like to do it. I was like ya, i d love to, and landed up for an interview after which i even got the job. But there is a twist, i somehow didnt take it up.
Well, well well, here goes another oppurtunity, which i blew away on my own. Now who is to blame, ofcourse my indecisive nature. But that is not it. weeks later once again when i bump into my friend i couldnt stop myself from enquiring about a job posting from his company, which i saw in one of the job sites. There I go again.... This time my friend has had it, i really dint know that i was actually asking him to be my agent sort of. I dint think of it that way because, usually thats how you could land yourself into an oppurtunity. But that was the last I heard from him, because he obligded but really didnt take my job quieries lightly.
Recently when i heard from him, he actually told me that, he wouldnt help me in finding jobs, because, 'THAT IS NOT HIS JOB'.
Now what is this thin line i crossed, did i over shoot, did i expect too much from a friend, did i actually loose a friend. Well, I have lost many good friends in life, (so have you) but here, i am a little confused, arent so many people doing this, leveraging their contacts, Linkedin, orkut, facebook, job network sites... everyone is.. CUMMONNN.. was it this bad.. Can you no more ask a friend to be a friend. Is it impolite.... As far as I am concerend, i think yes, rules may have changed, maybe its no more just OK to ask for a job favour.. or even just checking out for you.


Mihir said...

Hey Malini, I can understand the situation. I am sure more than annoying it must be somewhat frustrating too. I don’t know your friend personally but it seems, when you did not take up the job after all the interviews and things, may be company management would have yelled at him for recommending someone who they might have felt was not serious enough for the post. I am not saying you were not serious enough or you were just trying it out… but it might have appeared so. I don’t know what happened there but may be look into how you did closer with the company when you denied the job. One other thing I can think of is, people feel insecure when others ask for job in their company. But I guess your friend tried a couple of times so that was not the case.

Anyways, I don’t think you were wrong. If your friend might have felt annoyed, he should have cleared it with you. Being honest is requirement of any relationship in life, be it being friend or being a brother or anything. As far as job is concerned, I personally will ask you to find out what you would like to do the most and find out who employs such people. Keep trying in such places. If you need to, work there voluntarily for some time… but don’t just get the job, get the job where you would love to work.

malini said...

yeah, very true mihir, I never thought if it in this way. thanks

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