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Its time to hit back: Turn into a woman for one day!!!

Hitting women, punching them, trying to remove their clothes, what has this mad man called Mutalik unleashed in the name of saving culture. Does he even realize the damage he has done to the society? Dirty and frustrated men are now on the loose, attacking any successful woman they see on road. This is the unhealthiest trend ever seen in the History of Bangalore.

In the wake of attacks on women from every walk of life, whether a woman chooses to wear a slawaar or a pair of jeans is none of anybody’s business except the respective woman’s. With increasing attacks on women of our society, the time has come for another challenge, a radical one. We tried telling them through retaliation in form of symbolic protests, they didn’t deter, we tried shouting out loud that we know what to do, please leave us alone, they still consider us their property, now is the time for a real lesson. I suggest that we give it back, they want to hit us, lets hit them back, come what may we don’t allow them to harm us. Move only in groups for a while, carry pepper sprays, chilly powder and if needed a knife to threaten these rogues.

But before that, my invitation to Mr Mutalik, would be to be a woman for a day and experience what it is to be one. Apart from all the duties and expectations that a lady fulfils with great ease, she also gracefully plays various dynamic roles in the society. But the point is, I want him to actually have a day out dressed as a woman.

Mutalik doesn’t realise the damage which he has done with the Mangalore incident. The anti-social goonda elements have got a safe hound under which they can go ahead and harm women under the false and hypocritical pretext of protecting Indian culture, which as we all know is utter nonsense.

We as women would really then, like to know, how his day out was as a woman, was he pinched in the butt, or nudged in the thigh, did someone grab his arm just like that or did someone pass the most sleaziest remark at him just because he is a woman.

Its easy to try to control something which you think is dangerous and threatening your own notions of freedom. But to really understand what a woman faces on a day to day basis on any given road in any given place on earth is different. We are under constant threats by such radical thoughts and people who use such pretexts to harm women.

Women, I say, instead of presenting him pink chaddis I think now we should give him a jeans, a spaghetti, a saree, a salwar kameez and a wig. Let him wear all of them just to see if the bystanders and dirty lechers spare a woman in a saree or a salwaar kameez.

Only cowards attack vulnerable people, and its easy to catch someone off guard. Such incidents should not be spared and we as people need to start teaming up to fight this false war of culture.

I also wish, that all schools start teaching self defence for girls. SO tomorrow if a girl is attacked she can give them back more than a piece of her mind.

Last but not the least, Mutalik turning terror fighter is the biggest joke of the year. How can someone who has already spread terror, talk of fighting it.

Malini Misra Bhattacharya.


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