Monday, December 12, 2011

wake up time

Great theories, philosophies, great edit columns, great judgements and news bulletin analysis, great intellectual gyaan in everydays papers, greatest spiritual columns and books being published and people indulging in spiritual and intellectual shopping like never before.. Still, and still we have tragedies like 89 deaths in a top-notch hospital, irony is thy name India.... India needs to wake up, just knowledge and spiritual GYAAN wont help, get the gyaan into our daily lives, into policies, into Action....

(all we do is gyaan, bhashan and more preaching, wat is the use of brilliant edits written by brilliant editors sitting in newspaper offices?? rules are still flouted left, right and centre, who cares that a hospital didnt have any fire drills ever, they had every exit blocked... todays edit says, we need soul searching, ofcourse we do, more than the common man its the government, the policy makers, the people who run these hospital BUSINESS who need to really put all the gyaan into practise)

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