Wednesday, August 03, 2011


we are becoming more and more progressive, but are we loosing the human touch,
we are becoming very techno savy people, but are we becoming less of savy with our own tribe,
we are becoming very hip and hep in talking the english language, but are we forgetting the language of the heart,
we are becoming very full fledged humans who are well rounded and know lot of things, but are we knowing less about ourselves,
we are buying left, right and centre, but are we trading our peace in the exchange,
we are eating out like never before, but are we neglecting conveniently the good old home cooked meals and the nutrition that they provided,
we are sending our kids to the best of the cosmopolitan and competetive schools, but are we spending enough time with them to teach them things they will never learn in a school,
we are all fancy modern spiritualists today, we are reading a lot of philospophy, but are we applying any of it to our lives,
we know a lot about american sitcoms, we are travelling like never before, but are we forgetting home is where the heart lies,
with all these questions and perplexes and dilemmas, the modern man/woman lives on like never before, maybe because he has understood that Now is where his life is and i am glad in a way that we get to live this kind of life, this kind of a wholesome life where everything is a possiblitity and nothing is out of reach for anyone. i like my 'Now'.

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