Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Poem

Early mornings are time for some music practise and with that comes the inspiration to write. My morning ramblings, posted on a writing app. Trying to post here.

I may never have this cup of coffee,
With you again, in the same way,
I may never sip the same way,
We may never get to laugh at the same joke again,
I may never get to sit in that bar stool ever again,
I may, just not in the same way, not in the same place,
Not in the exact moment,
I may not look at you the same way I looked in that moment ever again,
I may, in some other moment,
Have something else with you,
But we might never ever see the same
Cloud pass by ever again,
Do you realize, how precious each moment is
Can we see how the smallest things we are doing,
Is creating a memory somewhere,
Of the roads, of the billboards passing,
Of the narrow lanes,
Of the wider ones,
Of the river flowing along, as we talk of childhood,
Moments, like that cup of coffee, don't come back,
We might have some other cup,
But that same moment, nah!

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