Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Burning issue- Bruhut Bengaluru!

Its about 4 am or a little more than 4 am, maybe 4.10 am, but its am, yes, morning, early morning. Once again I cannot sleep any longer, something is keeping me awake. I wonder how the hell is everyone asleep. How is an entire population of people, not bothered? doesn't care, wont move, will lie like a log. Not that i am blaming them, they had a tough day, a bad day, a busy day, a rough day, so understandable, sleep is important.

But, not when your house is on Fire! Literally, now its a pile next to your house, or a huge collection centre on the main road, tomorrow, it could actually be in our homes. Actually even if its not in our homes, its smoke, it enters our homes. it is bad, very bad.
Right now, is my yoga time and i am up here on my desk writing this, as i just cannot concentrate on myself anymore with this raging issue facing us. But people are sleeping.

"Hey did you smell that?
That horrible smell of garbage and smoke?!!!
Oh, oh, now that you say, yaaaa... hmmmm, what to do...

End of story. End of conversation. I want to continue my practise and then move on to my other early morning chores, but here i am, unable to bear the smog and smoke anymore. I have personally gone down so many times to tell people not to do this, but they have their own arguments.

Burner- What will we do will this pile then madam, you tell us?
Me - Wait for the BBMP to come and collect the trash.
B - That and all wont happen madam, so this is the best.
M- But you shouldn't do this, it is hazardous to the enviornment.
B- When your building was made, do you think there was no pollution.
m- Gaping with no reasoning anymore. But but but...
B - The bbmp doesnt collect mam, even if they do, they themselves go and burn it, so what difference does it make.

I mean, really, doesn't anything matter anymore? And he is not wrong, there are small collection centres in the end of roads, where I have myself seen and reported collection men, burning off the garbage. Right in front of a prestigious complex and school in Jakkur, there is a big black mark on the wall, does anyone bother to stop and ask these garbage collectors, why are you doing this. No, no one. Public apathy is one thing.
Why are agencies not doing their work, is appalling.

Even as I vent, i am coughing the horrible carbon out of my throat as I can feel lumps of the garbage filled smog in my breath. Pranayam my foot. With what, breath in dirt, and breath out what? I feel like putting this up everywhere. But i am sure no one will read this and no one is going to do anything about it.

But I promise myself, this is the beginning. I urge people, if even half a person reads this, do something, collect people, go to these burning spots with buckets of sand or water and throw it on them, do not allow a bunch of fools to spoil the entire atmosphere. This is serious.

Is anyone listening? Good morning Bengaluru.


suchitra kaul misra said...

Hard hitting truth Malini. Thank you for bringing it to to the fore. Time to act.

malini said...

Thank you mam for reading and leaving your views. Much appreciated.

Bliss - Music i go to these days