Thursday, February 22, 2018

It matters; write!

I think the biggest challenge free lancers face is, the actual task of selecting a topic which will be relevant to the present and not be some random shit content, which no one will read more than a line.
I have been going through a writers block for the past few months, not sure how many months. Too much social media, too much screen time and the smart phone has made me a bit dumb in using my own intelligence to churn out some content for the websites I wrote in the past or for that matter even my blog.

The last I wrote was for and Apart from that I wrote for once. Actually I never expected them to publish my stuff but, there it was, my poem, "Origin", did very well on their site. At least thats what it seemed like.

There are too many reasons for you not to write. Too many, you name it and you know, its a farty reason not to write. I am busy, i run a lot, i have loads of guitar lessons to practice, i sing and i have a small dream to sing one day. God, how much do you dream? did you sing till now? did you have the courage to accept that invitation from your posh neighbor, to go and sing in her residents villa complex. No, right! So, get over it, you will never, or maybe not in the near future, do many things you always wanted to do. So write, because thats what you think of all the time.

I am sure you have read too many blogs by experts on writing and you don't need me to say anything, but what the hell, I need to write it in my blog atleast.

1) Write because you matter:
No matter what you think of yourself, you matter, your voice matters. What you think, feel and say, matters; to you, to people who are vouching on you, and waiting for your brilliance to shine.

2) Dont wait for that perfect moment, it never happens;
lets not be waiters. We all know what happens to them, you wait and then you die. Do you want to die just like that, with all your great ideas and brilliant intents to just be buried or burnt with you. For what? Next life? yeah right, like you have one, how are you so sure? because thats what the movies told you, books told you? right! so good luck with your next life.

3) Just write because you love it;
For the love of yourself and God, write, because thats all you want to do.

4) News on social media channels, tv, internet, radio, its everywhere and everything that we hear generates an idea, or a thought. Start with that, write about your thoughts, maybe you will find your people from there. Someone may agree, disagree, or whatever, atleast you put out your view on a certain happening.

5) It will feel good. Writing will definitely feel good. Trust me, all your sadness and depression and long face, might disappear for a while, when you write. So the more you write, the more healing it is. The better you feel. I am not saying, stop seeing your therapist, or stop those meds, but try your love of writing, its healing. Its healing because for once you will be doing something for yourself.

6) Writers write;
How many times have we heard this. So once again, writers write, they don't sit and vent on social media. They get things done. They write, we write, because it matters to us. Not for anyone else, just for yourself. Do it.

7) Expect nothing; be brave, put it out

Enough said, gotta sleep now, i have running practice in the morning. Early morning. See I got something done today, so start.
Good Luck. 

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