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My Castle Nap In UK!

We all think too much these days, and we analyze and dissect every thought or emotion or logic we have. In a way its good, it keeps us busy and engaged. But how productive are we when we do this? Does it serve us any purpose? Yesterday, I wrote about how much i analyze and think and my wish to do lesser and think lesser and be the observer. In the past i have also written about listening as an art. 

As I think and write about this, i am taken aback to a day in my life, somewhere a decade ago. It was one time, i think i had the most restful sleep in my entire life. I slept like a baby under a beautiful tree. This was in UK, a castle called Leeds castle, near London. In its larger than life premises, no vehicles are allowed. Its not like India where, we lazy buggers are allowed that lenience everywhere, and if we don't get it, we fight against rules and "Protest". 

It was afternoon time and we had had a nice game of volleyball and frisbee with a team full of enthusiastic colleagues of my husband. We had had our packed meal like typical Indians, laid out picnic baskets and all and right on the sprawling lawns of the Leeds, we had our lunch. I remember it was opposite the maze that our India noisy group sat and gobbled on Parathas with pickles and curd rice. 

After lunch the team decided it was time for 'tug of war' and the wives or girl friends on one team and men on the other or some thing like this was decided. So down the team went to a stream or pond and decided to battle it out there. As I saw all of them running excitedly towards the pond, something struck me. The sheer beauty of that place and the view I got from there. I decided to stay back there and found myself a small place under a massive tree's shade. I loitered around there while I could hear the entire team of this excited Indian bunch bubbling with enthusiasm down there with their rope and preparations to pull and tug at it. 

I had a mat with me and i laid it out and there i went. I sat there staring at the English Countryside with almost jaw dropping at how beautiful it was. It was sheer bliss. And we were in the backyard of a castle, what more could i ask for. For a new bride, i was quite the contrary, comfortable in my new environment. I had no idea this was going to be my best nap ever. As this group faded from my eyes, i relished the breeze around, the English sun, my own stories of the castle and the past in my head, the lunch, i never realized my eyes just shut and there I went into a beautiful siesta on the grass. I have no idea how long i slept or whether some grasshoppers went over my head, but I had the best sleep ever. I still remember how rested I was laying in the grass, watching my husband play like a child with his team members. It was really bliss. I stared into nothing, and then at the group, from there into the pond and stream, at the ducks far off, at white peacocks somewhere really far off, majestically, strutting their stuff up and down for the charmed visitors. 

Sometimes you need to experience that state of no thoughts and no awareness to enjoy life. Now if I think of it, maybe it was my earthly experience of laying in the grass being alive and able to enjoy the world from there. This was my best nap ever. The one which I will cherish for long. Leeds Castle, Uk. :) 

Anybody reading this, if you think this was something you related to, write to me, about your favourite nap time, where, how, whys.. Should be interesting. 

(PS- If you are in London, or UK, visit some castles, its worth it) :) 


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