Wednesday, April 05, 2017


I was sitting at Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore and the Guru appeared on a screen in one of the many Sadhana halls in the campus. The connect was instant and I was all ears. What he said for the next 45 minutes kind of stayed with me for the whole day and is still in my mind, processing itself and getting ready to internalize hopefully.

"You breathe in and you breathe out. One day, you breathe out and you don't breathe in, and you go "Puff". You are out. Its over, finished."
He went on to speak about how much we take our breath for granted, and that we infact mis use it, in a way that we don't use it at all. This was a powerful thought, I had heard about 20 years back at the art of living courses, but once again, another great saint was re inforcing it and was ready to take it all in, once again.

Never ever take anything for granted is what my heart told me, after some time. Yes we do take our breath for granted and do not spend even a second of our time thinking or staying with it, unless you are into serious pranayam and yoga practises. Even then, many forget about the breath and go forcing their body into impossibleness. Sadhguru reminded us that the day you don't breath in is the last day for you, so why the neglect.

This was one of the most profound learning for me at the centre apart from the many experiences I had. I will write about them in my future blogs. For now keep breathing and never take anything for granted. It may vanish in seconds.

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