Monday, August 13, 2012

"All set to celebrate independence day, but how free are we really?? Pre-independence the British hit us, today our own ppl are out with moral Dikats spreading equal or more amount of violence.. Yesterday, we sang azadi songs and wantd it badly, todays generation badly thinks, "did we make it large, was it all worth it!!!"..
Corruption, child labour, female foeticide, honour killing, and more... Gandhi now exists in our memories/as statues/on currency notes... but not in our hearts, in our living, we have forgotten there is a Gandhi in all of us.. are we really free of jealousy, of fear, of insecurity, of maliciouness, of manipulation?? are we free spirited,, maybe only when on high spirits!"

Jug suriya (writer and columnist) - aapne mere mooh ki baat cheen li,)
 In an article that appeared in the TOI yesterday, he has reflected the voice of a few if not many in our nation, check it out!! worth a read..

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