Thursday, February 11, 2010

My name is NUTS!

Whats wrong with every channel on indian television. right now i am seeing reporters actually following the story so seriously and saying that serious discussions are happening whether or not the multiplex owners will screen MY name is KHAN'..

Lets accept it, any publicity is good, so be a scandal or rumor or blames.. Ultimately stars and the movie makers and the business thrives.. and the Janta gets a good masala for days on news channels. We actually go about following the story like it is the only real thing happening anywhere and the big story this hour is... blah blah blah.... 

i really dunno if Sharukh should have said what he said, or what the jobless marathi manus propogandists are right in their way, but all said and done, we the people are surely getting a good live reality show, and this time run by none other than TV Channels. 

Aman ki Asha on one side, Pakistani artistes performing in India, our selfish politicians making divisive politics, and ruining the countries peace by dividing it further on the name of states and languages. What kind of hypocracy is this, on one side peace ki asha, or rather Aman and on the other side, attack your own people, on the basis of what someone said or did .. like hanging on to words, like you say something and i am going to ' SULI PE CHADA DOONGA' 

Is this democracy.. sadly .. its a mockery of one.. but what more can an educated person like me sit and do but blog.. will i go join politics tomorrow to fight for a more national cause, will we MNC job crazy people leave our plush jobs at AC offices and struggle for the nation. I guess, no, but i really hope more more of us atleast think of doing such things. 

As ForMy name is Khan, the movie is already a semi hit.. sleep well, SRK, Kjo and others,, keep tweeting.. or blogging.. aam janta cant get enough of house politics or national politics.. BRING IT ON... we are waiting for more reality NATAK..

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