Wednesday, May 19, 2010

About being back!

Looking forward to this weekend as i will be watching my favorite Bollywood star Hritik Roshans most awaited movie, 'Kites'. Yes, now how many people really want to know a nobody's weekend schedule.. Not me, would say some reader of this. Yeah, but i still want to share this. I have something to start this blog about.

Ooh, i just stumbled upon Ash's Cannes photos of this year. Wow, is one word, no words always to explain just how beautiful this lady can look. With age she is just getting better. With all the speculations and hulla- gulla about her outfits at this super event, Ash always makes news with what she is going to wear. At a recent interview i saw of her on NDTV, Ash was at her simplest best talking to Anupama Chopra. Ash is no more the giggly girl that she was yesterday and has matured into a poised woman who has a market value of  300 crores running up her head. To this Ash gave such a lovely answer, that she is humbled by such reviews of her market values and her being better than any of the younger heroines and all that. Truely, what would any great person of any era have said anything other than what she said. Of course, you feel humbled by all the attention and grace that you get as a person, as an artiste and every aspect of your life changing for the better.

With the release of the ads of Ravan on every channel, it is hard not to notice how much this actress has grown, from the daredevil acts of dancing on a rock amidst a river to emerging from deep waters, Ash has done it all now. Now i don't know why i am raving about Ash like her personal PR!!

Where did this all start, oh with my weekend, and then Hritik, popped in and then did Ash. With jumping Contexts in life, do you really think, one can achieve a lot. Yes the mind is always jumping, like, in a converstation- Is baat se mujhe yeh yaad aya, arrey, us baat se mujhe woh yaad aya, and then ussi baat se mujhe aur kuch yaad aya... and so it goes on. Thats what normal conversations are like.

In a party at home, have you noticed the conversations? Conversations are like jumping jacks.. you start off with office politics and then nation politics(indias favourite obsession) and then with movies and then with the stars affairs and then, you have lost it.. suddenly there is an argument about rain water harvesting.. waha.. whats going on.. so that is the beauty of being in a group with people.
But how many of you really sit and listen, actually there is nothing to listen, each one is blah blahing about how knowledgeable they are. But its all nice in the end, all is good.

Now where was I? i was just reading these big writers, Amit Verma, Shobha De or a Sagrika Ghosh. Doesnt this happen to them? how can they be so focussed with what they are writing about, how do they manage to write so deeply about a subject. Thinking about this takes me back to my first job in a newspaper.

Wow, what a thrill it was, with all the horrible bosses and easy going colleagues and the not to forget canteen next door, thoughts would flow. But, we also worked on it, we were focused on coming out with this article by evening. So that made us ponder and explore and research this one topic so hard that we found facts, we found, hard hitting facts to write about.

Not having a particular niche or a beat was n advantage for me i think. I would be versatile, flexible and all excited about any topic. That was the level of enthusiasm just about 6 years back. What made me quit a place which shaped me for life in a jiffy? The place which gave me so much name and an opportunity to write so much in so little time,, didnt i think once before i quit, kicking the job like dirt lying in the middle of my way.

How i regret that time i did that. Again, my thought has gone jumping from Hritik to my first journalism job. Mind is funny a times, it will make you jump more than you aerobic teacher or make you bend more than your Yoga master. From Aerobics to Yoga, from writing to journalism, from being focussed to being lost, why does  the mind play such games on us.

Can i please say HI to consistency, hi to being focussed, hi to depth in life.. Actually Hi to a better life where all the aspects i missed out while i was growing.. To grow is life.. so from a jumping jack if i ever become still water and then flow, wow, it may take me a lifetime.

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